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Industry leading data on crypto hedge funds and venture capital

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Our innovative database allows you to quickly search for funds by more than 10 criteria. Sort by location, size, strategies and more. Or view the whole database!

30 Categories of Info

We love data. We provide up to 30 categories of unique information on each fund. View everything from contact details for the CEO to assets under management and portfolio holdings. It’s all here.

Always Updated

When you’re covering an industry that moves at near light-speed, there is no time for stale data. That’s why our team is always hard at work updating the database. Oh and our bots. They help too.

Cancel Anytime

This isn’t a marriage. No commitments. We promise. You are free to cancel at anytime. But once you see how much much new data we add, we don’t think you will want to.

Download to Excel

Our database is pretty kick butt, but sometimes you need more. Want to download selected info, or the entire database, to Excel? Easy. Just sign up for Platinum Membership and you can download in one click.

User Friendly Interface

This isn’t your grandmother’s database. It’s fast, sexy, and pretty easy. In fact, we’ve designed our crypto fund database to be incredibly user-friendly so you can quickly find exactly the information you need.

Start Connecting with Crypto Funds

Whether you’re looking to market your startup, or simply looking for better data on crypto funds, our database is designed for you. See full contact information for over 500 crypto funds and more than 1,200 employees.

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Search from any device, anywhere

Our crypto fund database plays nice with almost any device! Whether you are on your phone, using your tablet, or looking at that giant monitor in your office, our database is designed to make finding the crypto fund info you need as easy a click or tap.


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Don’t see your question here? That’s ok. Just shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you faster than a rocket full of monkeys.

What's the difference between pro and platinum memberships?

Pro membership gives you full access to our industry-leading database of more than 500 crypto hedge funds and VCs. Platinum membership gives you full access as well, but also enables full download functionality so you can download data in Excel format.

How do I know your data is current?

We are constantly researching and updating our database. We employ various tactics to automatically import the latest data from regulatory filings, news reports and the like. And we have an energetic team that’s constantly filling in any gaps.

Is there any committment?

Heck no! Cancel anytime. No, we won’t make you call us or send us an email begging. Just sign in and click cancel if you’re not 100% satisfied. That’s it. We’re not clingy, but we don’t think you will want to leave.

Why is your database cheaper than other options?

Is our database more affordable than most any other option? Yes. Are we ashamed? No way! In fact, we encourage you to do a little digging. We aren’t the only option. But we can dang near guarantee you will quickly see we are the best… at any price.

How do I download the data?

Simply sign up for a platinum membership. You can download the entire database, or just specific results. It’s really as easy as a single click.

Who is this the crypto database designed for?

Ummm… almost everyone. A lot of our clients are founders looking to get in touch with potential investors and secure funding. But we cater to much more than that. Our clients include top financial research organizations, top universities, and even fund managers themselves.

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Platinum membership not only gives you full online access to our database, but also includes one-click downloads to Excel. Download the entire database, or just the specific info you need.

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